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Welcome to Our School

Welcome to Christ the King Primary School

Dear Parents and Carers,

As a Joint Church School our Christian faith is at the heart of all we do. We recognise our joint faith traditions and distinctiveness through our Religious Education curriculum which enables our children to develop their social and moral values in all they do. We our proud of our outstanding acts of Daily Collective Worship which are rooted in both the Catholic and Anglican traditions. They provide valuable opportunities for our children to understand more fully the values of the Gospel and how they might follow the example of Jesus through missions in their own lives.

Our mission statement is taken from St John’s Gospel and summarises our aim to live in a way that weaves together knowing and loving and judging and forgiving in one act of self- sharing. We believe our faith draws us together, to merge the different aspects of our life into a steady and coherent unity expressed in active, challenging love, the kind of unity we see in Jesus’ own life. At Christ the King our mission is living life to the full, living the life of Jesus; and living the life of Jesus is living in perfect communion – in the unity between the Father and the Son and the Spirit.

We do hope you enjoy looking on our website at some of the work we do in our wonderful school.