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What is the SSN?

Members of our school community also help Mrs Wheelton with our SSN, which is the school's pupil safeguarding group. We are here to help our pupils to feel safe and secure in and out of school. SSN stands for Stay safe, Stick together and Never be alone which is a moto we adopted after the whole school read the book Meerkat Mail which is about looking after each other. 

Thank you to Cheshire Demolition who kindly donated the bright yellow sweatshirts for the members to wear on the playground so they can be spotted easily if any one needs some help. 

We meet with the local PCSO and school safeguarding governor to discuss our latest ideas to safeguard our school and pupils. We focus regularly on how to keep yourself safe online and the dangers of the internet. This includes being kind online, the power of passwords and the danger of over sharing images.

Keeping ourselves safe is also covered in our PHSE lessons. This includes road safety & bullying. 

Advice for parents on Children using the Internet:

  • Try to put the computer in an easy to see place in the home so that you can monitor what sites your child is visiting
  • Check out the websites your child is using, just like you’d check out a school or a youth group they might visit. Have a look and make a judgement whether you think it is a safe environment for them to be involved in.
  • Set up reasonable guidelines and limits for internet usage. Understand that it may be a big part of their life but that it needs to be regulated
  • Explain to your children why it is important for them never to give out personal details or post pictures of themselves publicly, just like you would when you explain to them not to talk to strangers

To find out more about keeping safe online go to

Or visit :

Resources and ideas for activities for parents and professionals aimed at EYFS and KS1

NSPCC guide for parents to the social networks used by children and young people