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Local Governing Board

Shadow Local Governing Board

The School Development Priorities

Key priorities

Autumn 2021 – Summer 2022

The Quality of Education

Behaviour and Attitudes

Priority 1  Reading, Writing and Mathematics

Rapid action to be taken to enable any gaps as a result of COVID 19 are addressed and catch up funding is used effectively

Priority 2 Enhancement and enrichment of curriculum

Ensure the Local Matters action research project is embedded to enrich the whole curriculum

Priority 3 Happy and safe environments best practice shared and consistent throughout school.

Tried and tested approaches (trauma informed classroom) from lockdown are embedded and evident in all classrooms to ensure all children are well supported and able to access their learning

Priority 1  Attendance

Attendance data to show increased percentage as a result of improved measures now in place. Attendance to be in line with national expectations at end of 2022.

Priority 2 Children have high respect for each other and value difference.

Pupils show highly positive attitudes and commitment to their education.

→   pupils actively support the well-being of other pupils


Priority 3 Mental health and well-being

Manage and support those children who need further support/ have experienced trauma

Personal Development

The Quality of Early Years Education


Priority 1 Deepening pupils understanding of Christian Values

To enable pupils to clearly reflect about their own beliefs and perspective on life whilst being respectful for others

Priority 2  Inclusion – AGT Pupils

To increase the opportunities to nurture, develop & stretch pupils’ talents/ interests. (Cross link with Middle leaders)

Priority 1 Nursery numbers

To raise the profile of high quality provision within the community to boost pupil numbers.

Priority 2 New Baseline assessments

To ensure assessments are accurate and relevant actions in place


Leadership and Management

Outcomes for Pupils

Priority 1 Academisation

To work collaboratively with all parties involved in the academy conversion to ensure an effective and smooth transition.

Priority 2 Governance

To ensure the new governing body carry out their role effectively ensuring the schools clear vision and strategy is managed well and leaders are held to account.

Priority 3 Middle Leaders

To ensure that teachers receive highly effective and consistent professional development. Their knowledge is consistently built upon over time.

Continuing professional development linked to key priorities for all middle and senior leaders

Priority 1, 2 and 3 Reading, writing and maths

→   To increase the proportion of pupils attaining the expected standard in reading, writing and mathematics at the end of key stage 2. As reporting for EoY has now changed, school will adapt areas of action in response to need.

→   To further close the gap for pupils with SEND at the end of KS2 and have accurate assessments and identified provisions in place across school, taking into account the impact of Covid-19 on pupils identified with send.

→   To further close the gap for pupils with Pupil Premium at the end of KS2 and have accurate assessments and identified provisions in place across school, taking into account the impact of Covid-19 on vulnerable pupils.