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COVID -19 Updates

Dear Parent(s)/ Carer(s)

Thank you for your ongoing support and co-operation in supporting us to manage the current situation regarding Covid-19.  As you are aware, national and local guidelines are frequently reviewed in response to the changing situation.  We will continue to keep in regular communication with you to keep you updated.

Whilst we hope that incidents of positive tests are kept to a minimum, it is important we share with you school’s procedure in case of a positive test.

If your child has a positive test:

  • Please notify school via telephone call on the main school line as soon as possible on
    01625 383272 (not the absence line)
  • leave a message stating clearly
  • the child’s name and
  • class and
  • confirmation they have received a positive test
  • Do not send your child into school
  • Messages will be collected by 7.45am at the latest each day

If a child in your child’s classyour child’s class teacher has a positive test:

  • We will then identify anyone who has been in close contact with the child and notify them in the usual way: text2parents
    You will receive this information no later than 8.15am.
    TEXT MESSAGE: Please note a child in (your child’s name) class has tested positive for covid-19.  Please keep your child at home today.  We will be in touch later.
  • In the first instance, children thought to be in close contact will be asked to stay at home
  • Once further advice is provided (from Public Health England), it may be that groups can be invited back into school if they are considered not to have been in close contact
  • Learning Packs will be available on the school website as previously
  • Where your family has difficulties accessing IT, we will drop hard copies to houses

Thank you again for your continued understanding and patience.  Together, I am sure we will ensure the very best provision for the children, whatever the situation.

Please take care

Mrs C Gurden

Preventative Measures

  • Every area of the school, including all classrooms, has been thoroughly cleaned- and this process will happen throughout the day and again at the end of the day across the school.
  • Your child will be required to wash their hands more often.
  • If someone is unwell they will be required to stay at home; or, if they become poorly in school, we have plans for a dedicated space/ room for them to wait until you collect your child.  We would support you with arrangements to have your child tested for Covid19 if they developed symptoms.
  • Your child will remain with the same group of children all day as a class “bubble”. The class bubble will eat and have playtimes together. Children in other classes will have their own “bubbles” and they will eat and have playtimes at a different times to other classes and may play in different areas.

We are aware that some children may be feeling anxious about returning to school if they have not been in school for some time. We want to give you assurance that we have robust plans in place and will be focused on supporting all the children back into school with key activities that will help the children settle back into school and enjoy being back in school with their friends.

I hope this gives you reassurance of the safety measures in place to support your child to return to school as required in September. If you have any further worries or questions, please contact your child’s class teacher who will talk them through with you.  

Drop off and Pick Up

Please note that we need to continue to limit the number of people on the school site.  We therefore ask that parents (with the exception of Reception children) continue to drop their children off at the gate in the morning where staff will see them safely onto the school site. 

Staggered Start and End Times

We will also need to continue with staggered times at the start and end of the day as we have during the Summer Term.  To minimise the impact at school and home, we have planned for these slots to be shorter.  There are details of this below and also in the Parent Pack.

Key Stage 1              8.45am

Key Stage 2              8.55am

Reception                  between 8.45am and 9.00am

We will need to work together to make this as smooth as possible and appreciate your patience and understanding in supporting us with this. 

I hope you find the enclosed information useful in helping you and your child(ren) to adjust to new ways of working.  We appreciate the many different experiences you will all have had and encourage you to talk with us about these when we return.  As always, we are here to help and support.